Climate Change

Mattie Salamon wrote a very interesting article about Climate change.  He too us for a journey through time right from the beginning of our carbon dioxide emission story.  Looking at the data he gathered from the research he carried out, he found patterns in the emission of five countries.  Read the full article to understand the issue well and go [...]

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The abandoned car

This photo, taken by one of our students, Beatriz Goncalves Marinheiro, will be submitted for the YRE (Young Reporters for the Environment) competition.  The title of the [...]

Earthquakes in action

'Earthquakes in Action' is a YRE (Young Reporters for the Environment) research carried out by Noella Fenech and Yana Zammit.  They wished to focus their research on [...]

Let’s wrap it up!

'Let's wrap it up!' is the article written by the Eco-school committee and which presents the data collected during their Litter less Campaign they worked on this year: Waste [...]

Jingle all the Waste

As part of our 'Less waste this Christmas' Litter less campaign, the Eco-School team is organising a sustainable classroom decoration contest, a wrapping paper waste research [...]

Every effort counts

A short and very sweet video created by Carla, Ruby and Zack to promote the importance of responsible behaviour when out enjoying the countryside.  Well done.  This video [...]

Collection of text books for Year 7 students

Dear Parents/Guardians of new Year 7 Students, Kindly note that an announcement has been sent regarding collection of text books. Please note that this year collection [...]

Time-table for Annual Exams 2022

Below are the time-tables for the Annual Exams for Year 7 and Year 8. The first exams for Year 7 students are on Thursday June 9th while the first exams for Year 8 [...]

L-ilbies tal-maskra / Wearing of masks

Għeżież Ġenituri/KuraturiL-ilbies tal-maskra fl-iskejjel mhux ser jibqa' iktar obbligatorju, imma aħna xorta ser inħeġġukombiex uliedkom jibqgħu jilbsu l-maskra [...]

Online lessons on Friday 7

Dear Parents A gentle reminder that on Friday 7th, lessons will be shifted online.  Please follow the points below: 1. Students are to log on on TEAMS on time - [...]