Prime Factorisation


Squares & Square Roots

Cubes & Cube Roots

Changing Fractions into Decimals: Recurring Decimals

Changing Fractions into Decimals and vice-versa, Fractions and Decimals into Percentages and vice-versa

Addition and Subtraction of Fractions, Mixed Numbers

Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Data Handling: Pie Charts

Mean, Median, Mode & Range

Directed Numbers: Positive and Negative Numbers


Rounding Numbers


Simplifying Expressions

Solving Equations

Changing the subject of the formula

Finding the nth term

Constructing an angle of 60 degrees (video)

Constructing an angle of 90 degrees (video)

Constructing a hexagon using a compass

Revision Constructions: Constructing a triangle given the three sidesConstructing a triangle given a side and two anglesConstructing a triangle given two sides and an angle (videos)


Surface Area

The Circle

Circumference and Area of a Circle

Nets (You can also download examples of nets from these links: CubeCuboidTriangular PrismSquare Based Pyramid)



Map Scales

Currency Conversion – Rates of Exchange

Symmetry – Reflection and Rotational Symmetry

Straight-line graphs (Part 1)

Straight line graphs (Part 2)

Conversion Graphs

Distance-Time Graphs

Transformations (Reflection; Rotation and Translation)

Probability (Please download this updated version)


Surface Area
Practice Book Pg. 61 Ex. 17.3 No 1, 3b, 4b
Main Book Pg. 145 No. 1; 2a, c, d
Handout Surface Area
Handout 2 Surface Area
Handout 3 Surface Area
Handout 4 Surface Area

Finding Pi
Finding the Circumference
Finding the Area 1
Finding the Area 2

Nets Worksheet

Practice Book Pg. 54 Ex. 15.1 No. 1-6
Practice Book Pg. 55 Ex. 15.2 No. 1-7
Practice Book Pg. 56 Ex. 15.3 No. 1-7

Proportion worksheets

Map Scales
Map Scales worksheet

Currency Conversion
Currency Conversion worksheet

Symmetry (Reflection & Rotational Symmetry)
Practice Book Pg. 66-67 Ex. 19.1 No 1-4
Main Book Pg. 162 No. 1-3
Rotational Symmetry Handout

Straight Line Graphs
Practice Book Pg. 2 Ex. 1.1 No. 1a, 2a-c
Writing Co-Ordinates handout
Practice Book Pg. 3 Ex. 1.2 No. 1a-c, 2a-c
Practice Book Pg. 4 Ex. 1.3 No. 1-3
Practice Book Pg. 5 Ex. 1.4 No. 1-2

Conversion Graphs
Practice Book Pg. 33 Ex. 8.1 No. 1
Conversion graphs worksheet

Distance-Time Graphs
Practice Book Pg. 35 Ex. 8.2 No. 1-3
Distance-Time Graphs handout

Transformations (Translation, Reflection and Rotation)
Practice Book Pg. 81 Ex. 24.1 No. 1-3
Practice Book Pg. 82 Ex. 24.2 No. 1 a-c and 3 a-c

Main Book Pg. 175 No. 1-4
Main Book Pg. 179 No. 2-3
Practice Book Pg. 73 Ex. 21.1 No. 1-5
Practice Book Pg. 75 Ex. 21.3 No. 3

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