Calendar of Events 2019/20

1st, 4th & 5th November 2019 Mid-Term Holidays
7th November 2019 Teen Science Café’ – year 8 girls – Xara Lodge
Outing for Boys
8th November 2019 Trekking for Year 7 (PE)
11th November 2019 Poppy Day
11th November 2019 Science Fieldwork for Year 7 Madrid, Lisbon, Valletta
13th November 2019 Science Fieldwork for Year 7 Paris, Zagreb
13th November 2019 Cybercrime talk for Parents at 9.00am  
Cybercrime talk for Year 7 Oslo, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen  
15th November 2019 Science Fieldwork for Year 7 Amsterdam, Berlin
18th November 2019 Science Fieldwork for Year 7 Oslo, Stockholm
20th November 2019 World Children’s Day
25th – 29th November 2019 Language week
28th November 2019 Full day COPE Session for Staff – NO school for students
3rd December 2019 Ghozza Talk for parents – 9am till 10.30am (open for all parents)
10th December 2019 Science Fieldwork for Year 7 Copenhagen
13th December 2019 Public Holiday
16th till 20th December 2019 Christmas Activity Week
18th December 2019 Staff Development Programme – Students till 11.30am
23rd December 2019 till 6th January 2020 Christmas Holidays
7th January 2020 1st day of second Term
17th January 2020 Parents’ Evening Students till 11.30am
28th January 2020 Teen Science Café’ (2) for Year 8
10th February 2020 Public Holiday
12th February 2020 Crazy Hair Day
17th February 2020 COPE session for staff – Students till 11.30am
19th February 2020 Engineering workshop for Year 8 (selected students)
24th & 25th February 2020 Carnival Holidays
26th February 2020 SDP – students till 11.30am
3rd – 5th March 2020 Science Fieldwork for year 8 – Golden Bay
16th – 20th March 2020 Animal Awareness Week
19th March 2020 Public Holiday
26th March 2020 Celebration day for students and parents of performers (AM)
27th March 2020 Prize Day (Evening) – Students till 11.30am
30th March 2020 Sports Day (tentative)
31st March 2020 Public Holiday
1st April 2020 COPE session for staff – Students till 11.30am
1st – 2nd April 2020 Spiritual Talks for Year 8
3rd April 2020 Our Lady of Sorrows procession
6th April 2020 Sports Day (tentative)
8th – 17th April 2020 Easter Holidays
20th – 24th April 2020 Science week
22nd April 2020 Parents’ Day – no school for students
24th April 2020 Kreattiv – Science evening event
 28th April 2020  Staff Development Programme – students till 11.30am

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