Climate Change

Mattie Salamon wrote a very interesting article about Climate change.  He too us for a journey through time right from the beginning of our carbon dioxide [...]

The abandoned car

This photo, taken by one of our students, Beatriz Goncalves Marinheiro, will be submitted for the YRE (Young Reporters for the Environment) competition. [...]

Earthquakes in action

'Earthquakes in Action' is a YRE (Young Reporters for the Environment) research carried out by Noella Fenech and Yana Zammit.  They wished to focus their [...]

Let’s wrap it up!

'Let's wrap it up!' is the article written by the Eco-school committee and which presents the data collected during their Litter less Campaign they worked on [...]

Jingle all the Waste

As part of our 'Less waste this Christmas' Litter less campaign, the Eco-School team is organising a sustainable classroom decoration contest, a wrapping [...]

Every effort counts

A short and very sweet video created by Carla, Ruby and Zack to promote the importance of responsible behaviour when out enjoying the countryside.  Well [...]

Collection of text books for Year 7 students

Dear Parents/Guardians of new Year 7 Students, Kindly note that an announcement has been sent regarding collection of text books. Please note that this [...]

Time-table for Annual Exams 2022

Below are the time-tables for the Annual Exams for Year 7 and Year 8. The first exams for Year 7 students are on Thursday June 9th while the first exams [...]

School uniform

These are the uniform items needed next year. The PE T-shirt, tracksuit / shorts are to be worn on those days students have PE listed in their timetable. On [...]