Christmas Celebrations at Rabat Middle School

Students, educators and staff at Rabat Middle School celebrated Christmas with a festive spirit all through December at the school premises and beyond.

The entire school foyer was festooned with colourful garlands. There were also Christmas cribs and a brightly decorated Christmas tree.

To explore the creativity of the students, the school organised a crib competition. Entries were numerous, varied and artistic. Students voted for their favourite crib. Winners were called out during a special assembly held on Friday 22nd and were each given a token.

Our School Student Council organised a Dress Down Day in aid of Istrina. Students were encouraged to wear a red, green or Christmas top. Donations were generous as students willingly cooperated and supported this initiative.

Year 7 and 8 students watched a special Christmas Concert at St Paul’s Missionary College, Rabat. The concert was followed by a football game in our school ground: teachers versus students.

On Tuesday 19th December our school held the traditional procession with Baby Jesus in conjunction with Rabat Primary School. Our school’s procession finished in front of St Paul’s Cathedral Mdina. It was followed by musical performances by the school orchestra and by individual students. Afterwards mass was celebrated.

Our very own students’ concert and the teachers’ play were both a pleasure to watch. They were fun, engaging and entertaining. A true talent window!

Friday 22nd December was party time for the whole school community. All students were given a Christmas gift during a special morning assembly. Christmas wishes were exchanged between students, teaching staff and the SMT. Class parties, food and drinks followed. Students went back to the school hall for an enjoyable disco party.

Christmas activities are truly special. Each year we see the enthusiastic participation of all students and the priceless contribution of all educators. This is what the Rabat Middle School festive spirit is all about.

Ms. M. Navarro

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