Christmas Crib Competition 2016

As part of the school’s Christmas Events, the Senior Management Team organised a Christmas Crib Competition. This was organised by Ms Borg Azzopardi (Assistant Head) and Ms Smith (Science HOD).

But was not just like any other Christmas Crib Competition. It was a Crib Competition with a difference. The pupils were given a theme and their Crib entries had to express this theme in one way or another. This year’s theme was The Crib and Toys (Il-Presepju u l-ġugarelli). The pupils could work at home or at school. They could work on their own, as a group of pupils or with the help of an adult (this had to be stated in the application form). They were also given a maximum size of 50 x 50cm.

Once handed in, the Cribs were exhibited in the school foyer. All the pupils of the school and staff members were given the opportunity to vote for their favourite crib. The judges, who were a group of four teachers, votes on the cribs according to the following categories: interpretation of the theme, aesthetical value, size, religious representation and effort.

A total of four prizes were given. These were for:
1. Best Effort
2. Judges Prize
3. 2nd Prize overall
4. 1st Prize overall

All participating pupils were presented with a certificate whilst the winning pupils were also presented with a lovely token/book.
Below are the list of the winners for this year’s Christmas Crib Competition:
1. Best Effort – Crib 15 by Samuel Farruġia 7 Cairo
2. Judges Prize – Crib 1 by Jake Camillieri and Mikea Debono 7 Cairo
3. 2nd Prize overall – Crib 10 by Mattias Zammit 7 Athens
4. 1st Prize overall – Crib 3 by Nathaniel Rota 8 Brussels

A big well done to all the pupils that took part and made this event a major success. The Christmas Crib Competition will definitely enter in the yearly School Christmas Calendar on a permanent basis.

While hoping that you enjoyed this even, we wish more and more pupils to participate every year.

See you next Christmas with another Competition and another interesting Theme.

Christmas Crib competition results from SNC Rabat Middle School on Vimeo.