Decreasing Ocean Litter

We Eco-School members decided to work of the environmental issue Ocean Litter.   This choice was done since last year, when the year 8 students went to Mistra Bay for their science fieldwork, they noticed that there was a lot of trash, especially plastic, floating in the water. Last year’s yr. 8 Ekoskola committee members also noticed this problem.  We wanted to take action so we decided that ‘Decreasing Ocean Litter’ would become part of our Eco-Code, “Be Healthy and You’ll Be Wealthy” because we understand that to be healthy, our environment needs to be healthy too.

After doing some research, we realised that this is a very interesting topic and that we need to take care of our oceans.  Dumping of waste has already caused the creation of an island full of trash in the Pacific and other areas and this is a very big problem! If we throw litter in our oceans we will eat that trash!  When we’re eating fish we are eating trash since fish can accidently eat plastic instead of other sea creatures.   This plastic will end up in our plate.  So let us stop and start taking better care of our oceans.

Victoria Magro  Yr 8    Ekoskola President


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