Educational Ocean Video

At the end of last year, we – Kady Galea, Victoria Magro, Jake Camilleri and Matteo Stagno, with the help of Ms. Smith, created a stop motion video. We made the video to make people aware of the big problem that litter in our oceans causes.  After doing some research and writing down the important information we wanted to pass it on to others.  We created the props we needed for the video so as to make it more realistic and eye-catching.  The video took five hours to make and 160 pictures were taken.  We than presented the video to our school mates during a special assembly so that they also knew about the ocean litter problem and make them realise that we need to take care of the sea and its creatures.  This year, we will be presenting the video for the YRE, young reporters for the environment competition.  We think that the video is really interesting and also simple to understand. It was a fantastic experience to do this project and I feel really happy to have been one of the children taking part in the video!

Victoria Magro  Yr 8    Ekoskola President



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