Guidelines and information for Parents/Guardians (following instructions by Public Health Authorities)

Our school is currently preparing to welcome students again and we are taking all necessary measures to make it a safe environment to all our students due to the pandemic. Therefore, during the coming days we are going to continue in keeping you informed and also updated about when
students are to commence school, Year group, year group, transport pick-up points and other necessary information as the following, hereunder.

Before Coming to School
• Children should not be sent to school if he/she are feeling sick. Consult a doctor.
• Every morning parents/guardians are to check for these symptoms and keep their child at home if any of them are present:
• A temperature of 37.2 oC or higher
• Sore throat
• New uncontrolled cough
• Diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal pain
• Severe headache
Though sanitising materials will be made available at school, it is important that parents/guardians ensure that every student always carries with them sanitising products such as disinfectant wipes, tissues and hand sanitising gel when attending school.

• Only students registered to use a specific transport route will be allowed to use the service. All students are to keep to the same route and they may not board different vehicles.
• Please inform your child to keep the mask/visor on at all times during the trip and to stay seated where the driver or the on-board supervisor instructs.
• Vehicle operators/drivers will be cleaning high grip areas between each school trip.
• The School Transport Section will be performing spot checks to ensure that this measure is being adhered to.

Entering and Exiting the School
• We will be using different entrances/exits according to Year groups. Please refer further below.
• Parents/guardians are to maintain the recommended social distance when waiting outside the school premises and are kindly asked to arrive on time and to leave as soon as their children are admitted in the school. It is also recommended that they wear a face mask or visor.
• Upon arrival students will be asked to sanitise their hands and a temperature check will be taken at the entrance. If a child has a temperature which is equal or higher than 37.2oC, he/she will not be able to stay at school.
• As soon as your children enter the school premises, they will be asked to go straight to their classroom or designated area so that the group bubble is maintained.

Use of Masks/Visors
• Staff will be wearing masks/visors at all times.
• Students need to come to school wearing a visor or a mask.
• Students will also wear their masks in all common areas including corridors and toilets, as well as on school transport.
• In Primary schools, students can remove the mask/visor in class and when doing Physical Education.
• Masks/Visors should be labelled with the child’s name. Please provide a bag or labelled pocket so that your child can store the mask in it when it is not in use.
• Masks need to be either changed or washed daily. Visors should also be wiped clean and disinfected every day.

The School Day
• In class, there will be adequate distancing between desks, students and staff.
• We will have staggered breaks to have less students in the yard at the same time. Children will be allowed to play only with children from their own class during break-time.
• We are encouraging teachers to use outdoor yards to deliver lessons when possible.
• In class/corridors, all windows/doors will be kept open to allow ventilation.

Ensuring a Safe Environment
• Unauthorised personnel will not be allowed to enter the school. ONLY students, and authorised personnel will be allowed in school.
• Parents/guardians may not visit school. However, we welcome you to use other forms of communication to communicate with us such as phoning, emails or online means. Details on how to contact us are provided further below.
• Before entering the school premises, authorised visitors need to sanitise their hands with the sanitiser provided and their temperature will be checked.
• The school will keep a record and details of all authorised personnel who enter the school premises.
• The school will have stickers in place as needed to support our pupils and staff members to keep social distance.
• An organised system for moving from one place to another in the schools will be in place, i.e. all corridors will adopt a keep-left traffic system.
• Assemblies will be held online when children are in class.
• No school outings can take place until further notice.
• Parents’ day/evening will also be held online so parents are encouraged to download Microsoft Teams. Do not hesitate to contact the school, should you need any assistance with downloading it.
• Hand sanitisers will be available around the school and in every classroom.
• We will ensure the best hygienic conditions possible within our school by cleaning our premises thoroughly and frequently. Toilets will also be cleaned regularly and supplied with soap and disposable paper towels.

In Case of Illness
• If a child starts feeling sick at school, the child will be asked to put on the mask/visor and will be taken to the Isolation Room. Parents/Guardians will be asked to pick up their child immediately and to contact the family doctor.
• If the child has been in contact with anyone who was confirmed as positive to COVID 19 in the last two weeks, the child is to stay at home and the advice of a doctor is to be sought.
• If the child has travelled from a non-corridor country or a country on the amber list in the last 14 days, the child should remain home.

Educating our Children
Parents/Guardians are also encouraged to support the wellbeing of all by continuing to:
• Explain to their child that no hugging or shaking hands is permitted.
• Show their child how to properly wash his/her hands with soap and water.
• Teach their child to avoid touching the face, nose, mouth and eyes if they have not washed or sanitised their hands immediately before.
• Teach their child how to use tissues when sneezing/coughing. Children need to be taught how to blow their nose and to dispose of used tissues in the bins provided immediately after use.

• If you need to contact the school, you are welcome to do so either by phone on 25988300, through the school email – or via Microsoft Teams.
• Entrances and Exists (according to school population):
Time Until 7.40a.m. Dismissal at 02.06p.m.
MAIN DOOR near Head’s office in front of Colours Stationery – Students using minibuses or parents’ own transport.
Gate where there is the ramp near boys’ Museum – Students using School
Old School entrance in College Street (the one with steps) – For students arriving on foot.

Other information
• Attendance will be taken and punctuality is very important. Medical Certificates should be sent by email or deposited in the school’s letter-box ideally before student returns back to school.
• Uniforms and bags should be cleaned everyday.
• Please make sure that pupils do not bring non-essential items from home. Check your child’s bag every morning.
• All items requested by the school, including lunchboxes and bottle should be labelled with the child’s name. These need to be clearly labelled and cleaned every day.
• The use of water fountains is currently forbidden. Therefore, parents/guardians are to give children enough water for the day.
• We encourage parents/guardians to provide healthy food to their child as this will boost the child’s immune system. At school, we will continue to instil the love for a healthy lifestyle.
• Birthday cakes are not allowed. Only prepacked plain cupcakes or bars are allowed BUT will not be eaten at school. These will be brought home.
• Parents/Guardians are asked to give tasks to children and teach them to do certain things alone. It is important that they learn from an early age how to put on their shoes, wear their jacket and be organised.
• Parents/Guardians are asked to notify the management of any headlice suspect.
Children with head lice will be sent home and will return ONLY with a certificate stating that they are clean and can return to school.
• Children need 8 to 10 hours of sleep. Do not let children play games till late or leave any mobiles, monitors, computers, etc in their bedrooms as it will be easy for them to wake up and play during the night. This will result in lack of sleep.
• Bullying is not tolerated. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to teach their child to be kind and to forgive. As adults, we need to set a good example.
• If something is worrying you, please call the school and discuss the issue calmly with the school’s staff.
• When school and parents work hand in hand, children are happier and fare better at their studies.

As always, we thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to welcoming your child to the Scholastic Year 2020/2021.

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