Information for Parents/Guardians of Students in Year 7 regarding progress reports

Following the introduction of continuous reporting based on Broad Learning Outcomes, parents/guardians of students in Year 7 can access a report about their children’s progress during this scholastic year by logging online using their eID credentials.

Parents/guardians can, as from 15th February 2019, access online the broad learning outcomes of their children as marked by the teachers, for the 1st term of this scholastic year. Parents/guardians will be able to access such reports by going to The parent will use the ID number and eID password as their username and password. If the student is already logged in, then they will need to log out of his/her account.

Parents who do not have online access through a computer, mobile, tablet or other digital device, may ask the Head of School for a hard copy of their children’s report. Parents are informed that this request should be done only in very exceptional cases, where it is known that parents do not have online access. Requested hard copies will be provided only after the reports are made available online.

From the 2nd term report onwards, parents will be able to access their student’s progression online in a similar manner on the new MIS MySchool, by logging on

In case of difficulties, kindly contact:
– MySchool software operation:
– Curricular procedures:

Thank you for your attention.
Head of School

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