Items needed for first day of school

Dear Parents / Guardians

On the first day of school  ( Year 7 on October 9 and Year 8 on October 14), your son daughter is to bring along with him/her the following:

  • Lunch
  • Water
  • Green Plastic Button Folder     
  • Stationery- Pencil, Biro, ruler etc
  • Sanitizer Pack containing Sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer, tissues, spare mask
  • If they are now in Year 8.  They must bring their books in a plastic bag with their name.
  • If they have a reader
  • Diary   
  • Copybook or note book.
green button folder

And kindly do not forget your Masks

Ms Marita Abdilla
M.Ed (Planning and Admin in Educ), B.Ed(Hons), PG:Dip in Educ(Admin & Mgt).
Head of School – St Nicholas College, Rabat Middle School

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