Notice for parents bringing children to school

Those of you who are bringing students to school are kindly requested not to drive near the school. The school sign have been changed by mistake. Let’s keep our children safe.

You are requested to stay on the pavement opposite the school.

Gentle reminder that students are to come in masks. Remind them that they can only remove them in the yard when they are eating must remain 3 tiles or 3 stairs apart. Students found without mask will be suspended from school for the day.  Removing masks is very serious. If we do not take this seriously, we will become contaminated and schools will have to close again.

Let us all help each other so that the teaching and learning can proceed with least problems possible.  

I thank all of you parents for trusting us with your treasures. Rest assure we will take very good care of them.  

Looking forward for tomorrow.

May God help us all. AMEN.

Ms. Abdilla Head of School.

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