Our Eco-Warden System

This year in our school, we have decided that we are going to try our best to recycle and keep the school clean.  So students were asked to volunteer and become eco-wardens to help.  These students were given identification tags and were asked to check classes during break.  This exercise was done in pairs.  They were given a sheet to mark if the classes were turning off AC’s/fans, lights and recycling properly.  We wanted to help students improve and to find out which class was the most Eco-Friendly Class.   We also asked every class to elect an Eco-Friend to act as an environmental prefect for the class and help his or her class mates to be more environmental conscious.  We wanted to make this a success, so we created a competition.  The class who gets marked as Eco-Friendly most of the time, will get a reward, and the reward is tokens.  One token will be given to each and every student in that class.  The students can be use the token when we have for example a casual day.  Instead of a donation at the door, the students can use the token.  The value of the token is €2.  Each class also has an Eco-friend, and he/she is in charge of switching off the lights/AC’s and to remind the other students to recycle well.

Jade Borg Yr 7 Eko-skola Committee

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