Parler français c`est cool! Speaking French is cool!

Congratulations to our Year 8 students taking French Aimée Vassallo, Yanika Sammut, Erika Fabri and Amy Cutajar who took part in the competition Parler français c`est cool!  Speaking French is cool!  organized by the Association des Professeurs de Français de Malte (APFM).  The competition was open to Middle School students (Year 8) learning French as a foreign language in the colleges of Malta and Gozo.

Students were expected to present a short video-clip showing a recorded role-play.  Among the objectives of the competition were to provide the students with an opportunity to communicate effectively in French,  to improve their speaking skills and to help the students communicate in real, everyday situations.

Aimée Vassallo and Yanika Sammut came first  while Erika Fabri and Amy Cutajar came second.

The presentation of prizes and certificates were presented during l`Assembée Générale Extraordinaire 2019 by la conseillière de Coopération et d`Action Culturelle, Mme Elisabeth Du Breil de Pontbriand.

Once again Félicitations!!

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