Providing Healthier Options

During last year’s parents evening and parent’s day, a lot of food rich in sugars and fats was sold at the door.  Therefore, at the beginning of the year, the Eko-skola President and Vice-President had a meeting with the School council and discussed the matter with the teachers, SMT and parents involved to try and reduce unhealthy food options especially doughnuts.

This left a good result and we already saw a huge improvement.  No unhealthy food was sold and this was replaced with healthier foods like spinach and tuna pies, ricotta pies, apple pies etc.  The people buying only had the opportunity to eat healthier food.   This positive practice was also reinforced when the Eko-skola committee members joined in to help and started to sell strawberries during the parents’ day.  This was done not to raise funds but to promote healthy eating and therefore were sold at a break even value.  Wafer cups were used to distribute the strawberries so that no additional waste is created in the process.  This was a very successful practice and resulted in all the strawberries being sold before mid-day.

The cooking club at our school also worked in collaboration with the eko-skola members to promote healthy eating.  In fact, they prepared, on two occasions different healthy items that were sold to the students during the mid-day break.  They prepared pumpkin muffins and oats cookies.  The recipes to both these healthy snacks were also placed on the Eko-skola notice board.

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