Rabat Middle School students visit the United States Embassy in Malta

As part of their annual outreach programme, US Embassy officers in Malta welcomed class 7 Kiev and accompanying educators at the Embassy in Ta’ Qali.

The Embassy offers various presentations for primary, secondary and post-secondary students. Our school chose ‘The Embassy’s building environmental features’.

Upon our arrival we were greeted by members of the American diplomatic community who spoke about their daily life experience on our island.

The Embassy’s Facility Manager soon joined us and led us to an elegant conference room. We were impressed by its clean architectural design, that is, all equipment such as projector, sound and AC system, was concealed. During his presentation, the Facility Manager explained that attention to detail is key to conceive, construct and maintain efficient building facilities. The rooms’ apertures, ventilation, insulation, light system, soft furnishings and colour scheme form part of a larger environmentally conscious design. He further explained that the entire Embassy facility underwent sustainability benchmarks across ecosystems, waste, energy and water.

Our students expressed their views as regards to sustainable schools and their present and future endorsement of environmentally-sustainable building, especially houses. They also spoke about our school’s initiatives, projects such as Eko-Skola, green and eco-friendly measures.

We then toured the building facility. Our guide aptly highlighted its environmental features.

Class 7 Kiev made the most of this visit which had its follow-up at school.

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