St. Nicholas College Rabat Middle School Annual Exams June 2021

Year 7

DateTimeYear 7Transport
Tuesday 8th June8:00-10:00English11:30
Wednesday 9th June Study Day
Thursday 10th June08:00-09:30Science11:00
Friday 11th June Study Day
Monday 14th June Study Day
Tuesday 15th June08:00-09:30Languages11:00
Wednesday 16th June Study Day
Thursday 17th June8:00-10:00Mathematics11:15
Friday 18th June Study Day
Monday 21st June8:00-10:00Maltese11:30
10:30-11:30Social Studies
Tuesday 22nd June Study Day
Wednesday 23rd June8:00-10:00Maltese as a Foreign LanguageNo Transport
Monday 28th June8:00-10:00Collection of Text Books1No Transport
Wednesday 30th June8:00-10:00Collection of Text Books2No Transport

Collection of Books:
1 Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Ansterdam, Berlin – Monday 28th June 2021
2 Paris, Zagreb, Lisbon, Madrid, Valletta – Friday 25th June 2021

Year 8

DateTimeYear 8Transport
Tuesday 8th June Study Day11:30
Wednesday 9th June8:00-10:00Maltese11:30
10:30-11:30Social Studies
Thursday 10th June Study Day11:00
Friday 11th June8:00-10:00Mathematics11:30
Monday 14th June8:00-09:30Science10:45
Tuesday 15th June Study Day11:00
Wednesday 16th June Study DayNo Transport
Thursday 17th June Study Day11:15
Friday 18th June08:00-09:30Languages11:00
Monday 21st June Study Day11:30
Tuesday 22nd June8:00-10:00English11:30
Wednesday 23rd June8:00-10:00Maltese as a Foreign LanguageNo Transport
8:00-10:00Collection of  Text Books*
Thursday 24th June8:00-10:00Collection of Text Books**No Transport

Collection of Books:
*Helsinki, Kiev, London, Moscow, Bern – Wednesday 23rd June, 2021
**Prague, Vienna, Warsaw, Athens, Nicosia, Rome – Thursday 24th June 2021

Important Notes:
Students are to attend in full uniform for all exam sessions.
Mobiles are strictly forbidden.
Time table subject to last minute changes.
Students with Access Arrangements to start exams at 7:45 sharp

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