AIM OF CODE: A clear guide of good behaviour and discipline following consultation guidelines issued to schools by the Ministry of Education. These should lead to:

  • A positive environment within the school to help us achieve aims.
  • Achievement of mutual understanding.
  • An increase in Cooperation between stakeholders.
  • A high level of good conduct and discipline.


  • Staff is guided on the procedures to implement when the need arises.
  • Students being made responsible for their own actions.


The years that students spend within the school is a time in which they:

  • Change physically and mentally from childhood to adolescence.
  • Develop emotionally and
  • Gain a better understanding of the world around them.
  • Gain an understanding of the problems which they will eventually meet.
  • Strengthen their general education.


STUDENTS’ DUTIES: – The aim of this code is the respect towards oneself and others.

Thus students are expected to:

  • Show respect towards the Head, Assistant Heads, teachers and all members of staff including ancillary staff.
  • Show respect towards classmates and schoolmates.
  • Discuss problems that they may encounter with the Form teacher.
  • Search for advice from Guidance teacher if the need arises.
  • Conduct themselves properly at all times.
  • Conduct themselves properly on school transport.
  • Attend school daily and be punctual for assemblies and lessons.
  • Submit a medical certificate when they are absent for more than three days per month (see absenteeism guidelines)
  • Wear a full uniform daily ensuring it is clean and well kept.
  • Keep a hairstyle which conforms with the school uniform.
  • Do School work and Home work regularly.
  • Enter the school in orderly manner
  • Are punctual for assemblies and lessons.
  • Exit school in an orderly manner accompanied by their teacher.
  • Conduct themselves with good manners when they are taken on an

Educational outing.

  • Keep the school environment in a good and clean state.
  • Make good use of school facilities such as library, tuck shop, textbooks, tools, apparatus, desks, chairs, and all other equipment.
  • Participate in school activities organized during the mid-day break.
  • Be responsible for personal belongings.



WHAT IS NOT ALLOWED – The following actions/objects are strictly prohibited in the school building.

  • Leaving the classroom without permission.
  • Loitering in corridors between or during lessons.
  • Running and/or Playing in corridors.
  • Consuming food and drinks in the school area,(lunches are to be brought to school in a lunch labelled lunch box)
  • Use of opposite gender
  • Bullying in any form.
  • Going in out of bound areas.
  • Bringing large amounts of money to school.
  • Cigarettes, alcohol, and /or other dangerous substances.
  • Sharp/pointed instruments which could cause permanent damage.
  • Pornographic materials.
  • Chewing gum is not allowed anywhere, at anytime on the school premises.
  • Tattoos are not in conformity with the school uniform.
  • Jewellery/ornaments worn with the school uniform will be confiscated by the Head.
  • Mobile phones/MP3 players and any other electronic equipment will be confiscated.
  • Video games, CD players, cameras are not permissible on the premises.
  • Playing and trading of cards is strictly prohibited.



DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS – Disciplinary actions taken against students include:


  • Reports: recorded online or via an incident report sheet.
  • Extra Work.
  • Detention during break.
  • Internal Exclusion

All undesirable behaviour will be recorded through an online system for which every teacher has a code so that all entries can be taken up for further discussion. The mentor of the system will draw the attention of the corrective behaviour board so that students will be spoken and incident discussed. Actions are taken according to a De-merit Scheme as follows:



  • First 3 recorded reports: an SMS for each will be sent to notify the parents/ guardians.
  • Additional 3 Reports: Parents will be notified through a letter (white sheet) and the student/s will be spoken to by the corrective behavior committee to discuss further the issue.
  • Additional 3 Reports: Student will appear in front of the Corrective behavior committee and a Yellow Sheet (Internal Exclusion) will be issued and the parents/ guardians will be notified.
  • Additional 3 Reports: Student spoken to by the Corrective behaviour committee and Red Sheet (External Exclusion which is suspension from School) will be issued. The parents/ guardians will be notified immediately.


The Red sheet is considered very serious grievance.


Parents will be duly informed and such disciplinary action will be recorded in the School Leaving Certificate.


Same system of recording will be kept in case of failure to do school work or homework.


However the following system will be applied:


  • For the first 3 recorded reports, an SMS for each will be sent to notify the parents/ guardians.
  • Additional 3 Reports: The student will appear in front of the Corrective behavior committee, a yellow sheet will be issued and the parents/guardians notified. Also a no homework sheet will be given to the student were for every lesson the teacher will sign and to record whether the class/homework has be done. Parents may be notified through a letter (white sheet).
  • Additional 3 Reports: The student will appear again in front of the Corrective behavior committee and a yellow sheet will be issued and the parents/guardians notified.
  • Additional 3 Reports: The students will appear in front of the Corrective behavior committee and action will be taken according to the student and the incident. A red sheet can be issued at any time upon the discretion of the SMT.

The Red sheet is considered very serious grievance.

Parents will be duly informed and such disciplinary action will be recorded in the School Leaving Certificate.

At every stage the Corrective Behavior committee will be in touch with the parents/guardians and may at any time ask the parents to come over to the school to discuss matters.


The School also seeks to find what our students excel in, even when this is not academically.  We believe in positively reinforcing our students to exhibit and retain doing what they do best.1,



The School also has a Merit Scheme (Green card), by which desirable behaviour is celebrated.

Students are awarded green cards by teachers/assistant head of school and Head of school for any positive quality the student is inclined to show.  This is reinforce such behaviour. These are than collected and counted.

At the end of each term, a GOLD/SILVER/BRONZE certificate will be distributed during a Special Assembly.


Teachers also vote on the online system for Student of the month/ Best effort/ Best school initiative.  Photos of the students are put up on the board in the school Foyer.  The school also votes for the Best team effort.


Students are to keep these certificates as part of their portfolio and so that these will also be recorded in their school leaving certificate.



Reading is very important as it does not only widen the parameters of knowledge acquired but also helps in achieving a good command of the language.

With this in mind the head of school holds a reading review scheme where for every three reviews handed in to the head a green card is issued.  At the end of each month, the reader of the month is announced and the student is also presented with a certificate.


Thank you for taking the time to read through this corrective behaviour guidelines and for your cooperation with the school in the upkeep of these initiatives.  These will help us to keep the school a safe place for your children.