Examinations are an opportunity for student to exhibit the skills mastered.  They are one of the yardsticks used to help the teacher gauge how the student is coping academically.



  • Prepare themselves well by doing systematic revision.
  • Seek help to learn how to make a study schedule and improve their study skills.
  • Be punctual. Students arriving later than a quarter of an hour after the commencement of the exam, will not be allowed to sit for the exam.
  • Behave in such a manner that, besides being concentrated to complete their own exam, do not disturb other students.
  • Bring what is required of them such as calculator, ruler and all stationery. They are not allowed to share.
  • Bring a reading book to use when exam is completed.
  • Avoid bringing material with relation to the current
  • Leave their bags near the teacher’s desk.
  • Attend in full winter uniform during half yearly examinations and in full summer uniform during the annual examinations. (Students in P.E. kit will not be allowed to take the exam).
  • Are not allowed to go to the bathroom before the first hour.
  • Will remain in class till the end of the examination session.
  • Are to come to school by organising their own transport for the oral examinations.
  • Provide a medical certificate when sick, otherwise they will be marked


The school has absolutely no tolerance for students caught copying during examinations.  Such student will be disqualified from pursuing the examination.


Every effort is made to ensure that the right student will sit for the right level.  However, students are encouraged to know well which level they follow thus  they can double check when they are presented with the exam paper.



Parents should:

  • Parents should supervise their children’s revision for the exams.
  • Help the development of study skills.
  • Help in the creation of and adherence to a study plan.  This will avoid unpleasant surprises when results arrive home.
  • The School guidance team will provide the help students need if they are incapable of drawing up a study plan.
  • See that revision starts early enough. Revision does not start just two weeks before the exams.  This only creates a lot of tension and uncertainty.
  • Encourage and positively reinforce their children,  thus students  will develop self-confidence and believe they can be successful.
  • Make sure children get enough rest so that they can concentrate during exams.