Time for action

We, the Eco-School committee, attended the Oceans Summit and prepared some points to present and also to discuss. Our ideas were good but we realised that it’s impossible to make everything happen.

After that summit, we decided to work on an installation in the school entrance. This installation was built with the funds from Litter Less campaign. The Design and Technology teacher also helped out.  We hung some water and detergent bottles to a wooden frame with chicken wire.   The bottles used were collected by the students and teachers at our school and they were attached to nylon wire and some paper clips with the help of students during free lessons.

We also added blue light and the sound of water.  To add more information, we hung some pictures to the wall to show the impact ocean little has on animals and also to help others understand more what our idea was.  This installation was presented to the parents during parents evening.  It made the parents and the children feel as if they themselves were fish swimming under a sea of plastic.  It was a great success especially with parents.  As soon as they entered the area, we were there and started explaining what the project was about.  At first they looked a bit confused, but when we explained in more detail what the idea was, they really enjoyed watching our project.

This installation helped to send our message in the community.  It made students and parents talk about it and that was exactly what we wished to do.

Victoria Magro  Yr. 8    Eko-skola President

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