Update to school regulations

All Parents and Guardians

Please download your Microsoft Teams as any serious problem needs to be addressed through this platform

As you are well advised this year, I cannot see parents face to face thus

  •  you can either call the school on 2598 8308/8309 
  • email the school on : snc.rabat.ms@ilearn.edu.mt
  • Microsoft Teams ( you will need to inform the school through above email so head can give you an appointment) Only in extreme cases.

I am very sorry to announce that this year no mobile phones will be allowed for no reason whatsoever.

  • If students are caught with mobiles, they will have their mobiles confiscated
  • the student will put it in an envelope and seal it
  • Parents  will be able to collect only by appointment after a month, the risk remains of the parent and the student.

A plastic bag should be brought for the tracksuit trousers to be kept in during P.E. lessons.

 Masks should be kept in a plastic pocket while student is eating

Sanitiser pocket should contain

  • hand sanitising wipes
  • hand sanitiser
  • tissues 
  • spare mask

This should be clearly labelled with students name and class.

Ms. Marita Abdilla
Head of School

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