Visiting Action Planet Exhibition

The Eko-skola committee, eco-wardens and eco-friends all visited an exhibition held at the St. James Cavalier during February and March. There we were able to witness the environmental related works created by various schools across the island. It was a very inspirational outing that boosted new ideas from the group. There, we also had the pleasure to see one of the projects our school worked on to raise awareness about the damage done by Ocean Littering. This project was the stop-motion video done by four of our students, two of which are the president and vice-president of the eko-skola committee.

As part of the visit, we also attended three different workshops about Sustainable development goals, waste separation and recycling and school projects. The cost for the workshops was covered with the Litter-less campaign funds.

This was a very informative and inspirational visit that will surely leave a positive ripple effect in our school.

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