Prime Factorisation


Squares & Square Roots

Cubes & Cube Roots

Angles – Vertically Opposite Angles, Alternate Angles, Correspinding Angles and Interior Angles

Angles in a Triangle

Angles in a Quadrilateral

Changing Fractions into Decimals: Recurring Decimals

Changing Fractions into Decimals and vice-versa, Fractions and Decimals into Percentages and vice-versa

Addition and Subtraction of Fractions, Mixed Numbers

Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Data Handling: Pie Charts

Mean, Median, Mode & Range

Directed Numbers: Positive and Negative Numbers


Rounding Numbers


Simplifying Expressions

Solving Equations

Changing the subject of the formula

Patterns and Sequences: Finding the rule

Constructing a triangle given the three sides (video)

Constructing a triangle given a side and two angles (video)

Constructing a triangle given two sides and an angle (video)

Constructing a hexagon using a compass

Area of squares and rectangles

Area of triangles

Area of parallelograms

Surface area of cubes and cuboids

The Circle


Nets (You can download examples of nets from these links: CubeCuboid)



Currency Conversion (Rates of Exchange)

Symmetry – Reflection and Rotational

Straight-line graphs (Part 1)
Straight-line graphs (Part 2)

Conversion Graphs

Distance-Time Graphs

Transformations (Reflection; Rotation and Translation)

Probability (Please download this updated version)


Practice Book Page 32 Ex. 71. No 1-4

Practice Book Page 62 Ex. 17.1 No 1-4
Practice Book Page 63 Ex. 17.2 No 1-4

Surface Area:
Handout Surface Area
Handout 2 Surface Area
Practice Book Page 64 Ex. 17.3 No 1a
Handout 3 Surface Area
Handout 4 Surface Area

Nets Worksheet

Practice Book Page 58 Ex. 15.2 No 1-2
Practice Book Page 59 No. 1-8

Proportion worksheets

Currency Conversion
Currency Conversion worksheet

Practice Book Pages 68-69 Ex. 19.1 No. 1-4
Practice Book Page 70 Ex. 19.2 No 1-2
Practice Book Page 71 Ex. 19.3 No. 1-2
Rotational Symmetry Handout

Straight-line Graphs
Practice Book Pg. 2 Ex. 1.1 No. 1-3
Practice Book Pg. 4 Ex. 1.3 No. 1a-b
Graphs Worksheet

Conversion Graphs
Conversion graphs worksheet

Distance-Time Graphs
Practice Book Pg. 39 Ex. 8.2 No. 1-3
Distance-Time Graphs handout

Transformations (Translation, Reflection and Rotation)
Practice Book Pg. 87 Ex. 24.2 No 1-2
Practice Book Pg. 86 Ex. 24.1 No. 1-4

Practice Book Pg. 76 Ex. 21.1 No. 1-5

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