Dispersal of micro-organisms

Throughout the scholastic year, Year 8 pupils have to cover a total of 12 Integrated Science Units. One of the units listed in the curriculum is Unit 2: Healthy Living (II). During this unit, pupils learn about microbes and how these can cause diseases. They also study how infections are spread and ways of preventing and fighting infections.

During this unit, pupils from Year 8 Set J Science Group (Victoria/Prague) together with their teacher Ms J. Smith, created a video called Microbes – Raising Awareness for a Healthier Life. This is a different and fun way how pupils can learn scientific facts. During the video they demonstrated how microbes are spread from one person to another. This was done using coloured ribbon where each colour symbolises a different microbe. The aim of this video is also that of helping other pupils understand this matter in a more visual way. Watch the video and follow the different coloured ribbons as they pass from one individual to another. Can you guess what the microbes are? Can you identify ways how you can prevent getting infected by microbes?

These are the pupils that took part in the short video. Names are in order of appearance: Sarah Ann Muscat, Bernard Ciantar, Gabriel Zahra, Jurgen Lee Farrugia, Ilona Sultana, Jeannick Fenech, Nicole Camenzuli, Thichakorn Somkaew.

Hope you enjoy it … and watch out for those microbes!!

Microbes Awareness Year 8 from SNC Rabat Middle School on Vimeo.