Important instructions re. COVID-19 pandemic

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please find some of the measures the school will be practicing to keep your children healthy:

Masks or Visors
It is recommended that students wear masks and/or visors at all times, including in their class, besides on common areas and on transport. Masks are being advised since these are safer with such large numbers of students. Ideally masks are black, blue or grey

Medical certificate
It is the prerogative of each attending doctor to review the status of a sick child.
If any students are picked up from school because they are unwell are to be seen by a doctor and can only return to school if they are certified fit to attend by the doctor.

Medical Certification by caring medical specialist of the student is required should the student need special attention because of particular medical condition which makes the students more susceptible to severe illness if infected by COVID-19.

Personal hygiene and hygiene products
• Students are being encouraged to have their own Personal sanitizing products for which are to
be supplied by parents/guardians and are to be brought to school daily.
• Students are advised when possible do not touch publicly accessible objects such as door
handles, stairs rails or elevator buttons with your full hand or fingers.
• Sneezing/coughing should be done using a disposable tissue, when not available in the arm

• Students are encouraged to bring their own food and drink from home.
• All food items are to be carried and presented in disposable containers wherever possible – if
not, containers are to be cleaned and wiped down before by the student.
• Students are to bring their own labelled water bottle.

No outings from the confines of the School are to be held by Schools.

• Students are to carry a face mask at all times when travelling to and from school.
• The driver has the right to refuse the student from boarding if the protocol is not being followed.
• Students must sit in their own seat, put on the seat belt and refrain from shouting across the bus/van.
• They are never to exchange places. They are to keep to their place as instructed by the driver
Parents/guardians bringing students to school should refrain from passing in front of the main school gate in Ferris street. This will be closed for traffic at the time.

Parent accompanying student on foot are to leave their child on the other side of the road and are not to use the pavement on the school side. This should be left just for students arriving or leaving the school.

Parents/Guardians’ Role

It is expected that parents/guardians carry out assessment of symptoms and signs on their child every day. If your child displays any of the symptoms/signs below s/he may possibly have an infectious illness and should not be sent to school since this illness may be transmissible.

• Parents/guardians of students have to take their own temperature and that of their children in the morning before attending School.
• If there are signs of illness before attending the School, the students should not be taken to the school.
• If parents/guardians are contacted to pick up their children then Parents/guardians are expected to turn up as soon as possible and not to exceed an hour. Parents/guardians or next of kin who are going to pick up the students need to show their ID card.

• Please check your child daily for these symptoms.

  1. A temperature of 37.2°C
  2. Sore throat
  3. New uncontrolled cough (for students with a chronic allergic/asthmatic cough, a change in
    their cough from baseline).
  4. Diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain
  5. New onset of severe headache, especially with a fever

Visitors in the school
• Unauthorized personnel should not enter the school.
• No parents/guardians/guardians are to be allowed in the School at any time. Communication
from the parents/guardians with School’s staff and management for day to day necessities can
only be done through online services, or by phone.
No parent will be seen in person unless given an appointment

I thank you for your cooperation and support. Let us work hand in hand
in keeping your children safe at school.

Ms. Marita Abdilla
M.Ed(Planning and Admin in Educ), B.Ed(Hons), PG:Dip in Educ(Admin & Mgt)
Head of School

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